Q. What is QuickHowTo?

A. is the leading industry site for the most comprehensive information on battery maintenance and battery accessories. It was developed to meet the challenges of a global industry in which in which product training and knowledge are integral to daily operations of battery professionals, dealers, distributors, technicians and end-users alike.

Q. Can my company advertise on QuickHowTo?

A. No, at this time, QuickHowTo is an information only site that does not solicit advertising.

Q. I am a member of the Press, how can I contact the QuickHowTo staff?

A. If you are a member of the Press, pleae use the contact us link on the QuickHowTo website.

Q. Can I link to the QuickHowTo website or republish QuickHowTo?

A. Yes, we encourage you to link to QuickHowTo from your website. Our videos are available to embed on your website as well.


Q. How do I join QuickHowTo?

A. Simply register by clicking on the "Register" link at the top of the page.

Q. I forgot my QuickHowTo username/password, what should I do?

A. Click on the "I forgot my password" link during log in.

Q. How do I change my passwords?

A. There is a link during log in to change your password.

Publishing Material on QuickHowTo?

Q. Can I upload videos on QuickHowTo?

A. No. At this time QuickHowTo is not accepting third party content. If you have a video you think can contribute to the mission of QuickHowTo contact us. In the future, QuickHowTo may allow for approved third party content. 

Q. I'm conducting a training program and would like to show several of your how-to videos. We are not connected to the internet. How can I show the videos at my training seminar?

A. If you are a Vimeo user, You can go to our Vimeo site (  and search our videos for the ones you would like. Vimeos allow for easy downloading.

Viewing Videos

Q. I can't find a video I need? Can I request new video idea on QuickHowTo?

A. Feel free to use the "Contact Us" link to request new videos. We are always producing new videos on new products and procedures but we welcome your feedback to make QuickHowTo the best possible site.


Q. How do I comment on an video?

A. To comment on a video you must be logged in. 

Q. Does QuickHowTo have a Forum Group?

A. QuickHowTo is in the early development stages but we are planning to add a forum community so you can have a place to discuss the latest topics in the industry.

Q. Can I contribute videos to QuickHowTo?

A. We are not currently looking for third party content but if you have produced a video about Quick Cable products we'd be happy to look at it to see if it meets our guidelines. 

Q. Where can i find QuickHowTo's Terms of Use?

A. You can find QuickHowTo's Terms of Use under our Policies footer. Click on Site Terms.

Q. What is QuickHowTo's Privacy Policy

A. See Privacy Policy under our Policies Footer.