Who We Are

This site is designed, operated, and owned by Quick Cable Corporation ("QuickHowTo" or "we" or "us".) This privacy policy applies to the practice of collecting information through electronic means on the Quick Cable and the QuickHowTo web sites. Quick Cable's web sites and corporation are located in the United States and as such the restrictions on the privacy of data may not be the same as other countries.

What Information we collect

QuickHowTo collects information unique to customers, potential customers, and end users of our products and web site. Information includes name, company name, contact information including phone, mail and email, preferences for the web site, account information for customers that request it, document requests for controlled documents including drawing files and MSDS file requests. Additional usage information both anonymous and identifiable is recorded for marketing and site design considerations.

Various features of the web site allow people to become part of the QuickHowTo/Quick Cable community and require additional information that is either voluntary or required. This information can include contact information, preferences, credentials, and content.

How the Information is Used

The information that is collected is used in a variety of ways. Personally identifying information and account information is used in the processing of orders for accounts that are already established. The same information that is provided by users that are not customers is information that may be used for contact or follow up. For users interested in becoming customers, the information may be used to determine appropriateness of the account as a customer and for determining credit worthiness. Quick Cable will collect and use your Customer Identifiable Information to render services to you, respond to inquiries, or market and sell products and services to you.

Information that is supplied as part of the QuickHowTo Community will be used to identify you as a contributor and may be used to verify credentials and accuracy of any content contributed. The information that is contributed and used by QuickHowTo/Quick Cable becomes property of QuickHowTo/Quick Cable and is governed by a separate policy.

Aggregate information may be used by third parties and by QuickHowTo/Quick Cable personnel to determine visitors and to create marketing and sales programs.

When providing an email address user accounts are asked to opt-in to any marketing communications for Quick Cable or its subsidiaries. Communications which are relevant to the account or account holder will be sent regardless of the opt-in status. These are considered essential communications and will not be used for marketing purposes. If a user opts in for an email, they may receive any type of marketing communications.

Where the information is stored

The information that is collected is stored on electronic equipment owned by QuickHowTo/Quick Cable or third parties contracted by QuickHowto/Quick Cable to store the information. The data may be stored anywhere in the world and is governed by the laws of the United States or the host country if necessary.

Use of cookies and related information

Cookies are used to store and use information from one page to the next. Cookies are used to track such things as user settings, the contents of a shopping cart, the information critical the establishment of a session, and other uses. The cookies are stored on the client system and are not visible to any other domain other than www.quickcable.com.

Cookies may be used to store log in credentials allowing users to remain logged in to their account for a period of longer than 24 hours. Cookie information may be accessed and used by site professionals in identifying errors or problems with the web site.

Use of information by third parties

Most of the information that we collect will not be shared with third parties. None of the information will be sold or shared to marketing companies. Some information, including account information, contact information and credit information may be shared with credit agencies or other agencies partnered with Quick Cable such as credit agencies or credit card companies.

How to contact us

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy please write us at QuickHowTo, 3700 Quick Drive, Franksville, WI 53126, ATTN: Webmaster. Or you may contact us here.


This policy may change from time to time. Any changes to this policy will be posted here. If these changes are substantial you will be notified and have an opportunity to change your opt-in preferences.