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Rescue Booster Cables


Visit http://www.quickcable.com. No matter what products you are looking for, Quick Cable stands for quality. Our three major lines of booster cables are no exception: All are 100% fine stranded copper wire for maximum conductivity and flexibility. They're designed to stay flexible, even in subzero temperatures. Cables over 25' long are packed in a plastic pail to keep them from tangling and make them easy to carry. See our line at http://www.quickcable.com/products.php?pageId=179. For mobile operations, we offer cables with SB connectors and lugs for installation and use on tow trucks. Rescue brand booster cables are the choice of knowledgeable pros. Visit http://quickcable.com today. Special thanks to the guys at Floyd's Towing and Recovering. http://www.floydstowing.com/

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