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The New Acid Containment System Configurator by Quick Cable


Visit Battery acid containment systems used in conjunction with battery backup systems required an expert to design, specify and order the components to properly install a system. Now, Quick Cable has taken all the complexity out of the process by releasing the new Containment System Configurator; As an online design application used to design battery acid containment systems for Uninterruptible Power Supply, switchgear, telecommunications, and utility battery applications, the new containment system configurator, powered by Quickfigurator and available to registered users, simplifies the process of designing specifying and quoting acid containment systems. Based on your local codes and ordinances, design either PVC or Stainless steel systems with the click of a mouse. Simply enter in the dimensions of your battery rack and the system automatically designs the perimeter rails, corners, liner, acid absorbing pillows, all the components needed to assemble the

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